5 Hessian Coffee Sacks


5 Hessian Coffee Sacks perfect for your garden or interior design projects

5 Hessian Coffee Sacks

Get five assorted hessian coffee sacks for $15.

Our Fairtrade and organic beans arrive in these wonderful hessian coffee bags. The plant used to make hessian fabric for coffee sacks is called Jute and it is a greener material than growing cotton. It requires minimal water and pesticides, grows fully in 4-6 months, is CO2 neutral and improves soil fertility. The resulting hessian is also non-flammable and, as it’s organic, it is compostable.

The bags are great for your garden. Hessian’s breathable material, allows you to store your produce in a great manner. They are also great for hauling firewood and general use around the house .

Feeling crafty? Why not make the coffee sacks into your pet's bed, sew a heavy duty apron for dirty jobs, sew grocery bags, make cushions or even use them as wall art ?

We always support a good sack race,  so if you are a school or a kindergarten looking for sacks then get in contact with us and we'll strike you a deal !

The sacks come in an assortment of different styles and size can vary.

Hessian sack, approx 900mm x 600mm unstretched. Held 60kg of green coffee beans.

BONUS TIP: Hang the sacks on the clothes line and administer a good thrashing with a broom, then turn inside out and repeat. This will reduce the amount of loose fibers. Furthermore, cutting hessian sacks creates quite a mess. Do it outside if you can and you’ll avoid any vacuuming


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