Okari Dark


Dark, secretive, a rich roast of sun-dried beans with an unusually smooth finish. Single Origin.


Okari Dark is a single origin sustainably grown Arabica bean from the Harar district of Ethiopia.

Dark, secretive, a rich roast of sun-dried beans with an unusually smooth finish, Okari Dark carries its body and flavour well into a deeper roast. 'Pull your hat down tight, mate, and take a deep seat 'cause she's a high kicker.'

We roast our coffee over open flame on the Wild West coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Located high on a bluff overlooking the Tasman Sea, Kawatiri Coffee roasts in some of the world's cleanest air, no freaky chemicals, no industrial pollutants--all you get is fresh, delicious open-flame roasted coffee.

FAIRTRADE certified - this shows that we buy from certified farms and organisations, pay Fairtrade prices and premiums and submit to rigorous supply chain audits. Find out more on FAIRTRADE trademark, versus Fairtrade many others use, on "Our story page".

Organic Certified - all our beans are grown organic. All coffee products from Kawatiri Coffee Roasting are certified by NASAA and OCIA, CUC, among others, who are international organizations who aim to achieve excellence in agriculture and commerce, protect the environment and enhance community well-being.

3 reviews for Okari Dark

  1. Ken Marshall

    This is a fantastic coffee. I’ve bought it for 7 years now. I first bought it for my cafe and it earned me a “best espresso in the village” award from lonely planet. It’s that good! I no longer have the cafe but I own a very good machine at home and I’m lucky enough to enjoy these beans every day.the service is fantastic as well. Great people to deal with. I want to give 5 stars but can only select 4 for some reason

  2. Lorraine Taylor

    Best coffee ever. I keep coming back for more! Lovely strong flavour filled coffee.

  3. Tama

    I love a great black black coffee. And parcial to a splash of cream but if you can see through it it’s not strong enough šŸ™‚

    I brew in a pottery pot then sive. This is my favourite flavor capture šŸ™‚

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